Smt. Pushpa Chaturvedi,Managing Director

Message from Director

Education is the key of National development .Therefore every nation develops a firm education system .Where student try to look for a torch of their career and they need enlightment and inspiration .Blooming Buds Academy Khalilabad has adopted a challenge to develop a new system of the education of N.C.E.R.T pattern .Here students are thought to look at the sunny side of everything and how to make their optimism come true. Blooming Buds Academy things only for the best, and expect only for the best education. Children are the seeds in the world, but if the seedbed is not prepared properly, germination will not be proper .So the goal of the institution is to establish the education and make the students future excellent and shape their destiny to achieve Perfection. Having gained Excellency and perfection, this institution is trying to establish a large hand in the field of education so that it can prepare bright constellation for the nation .Here transparency and discipline and moderately maintained by experienced teacher .Teachers have boundless courage and passion in there hear s and make effort to students to get perfect obedience . Success can be cultivated for success is combination of certain cultivated qualities .There are the traits our teacher have. This institute has taken a resolution for the bright future of the students and individual development .Difficulties of the education meant to arouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict, Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. This is motivation and firm step that has been taken by “Prabha Seva Samiti”

I would like to end this message by expressing the teacher and students my heartfelt best wishes for their welfare and prosperity in the years ahead.


Message from Managing Director

The institute Blooming Buds` Academy has been established in Khalilabad near Railway crossing, Mukhlishpur Road with objective to provide, the best education to the children. The academy has been Constituted with association of some member which has been registered with the registration of societies and chit Fund, under rules 21 of Societies registration Act 1960with Name “Prabha Sewa Samiti” The main aim of “Prabha Sewa Samiti” is to establish school in different parts of district Sant Kabir Nagar so as to cover the maximum number of student, who are missing proper education of N.C.E.R.T syllabus to keep children in main stream of National education. The academy is Surrender for best education to the children. OFFICE The office of the institute is located in the school premises ie, in Blooming Buds` Academy Mukhlishpur Road, Khalilabad (Sant Kabir Nagar).This has been developed in a very systemic manner as per demand of the time Office hours shall be as usual in co-relation to the school hour, which will change in winter and summer season for the convenience of the students. FURTHER ACADEMIC PURSUITS: Blooming Buds` Academy has been established to impart formal/informal education and training for the boys and girls of this area along with academic courses .School is also conducting various other Vocational courses for–reliance. SOME OF THEM ARE:

  • (I)Painting, Arts and Fashion Designing
  • (ii)Yoga
  • (iii)Computer Education
  • (iv)Drama Play and Music etc.

Education is not all that we deliver, we work to nurture each child such that he become as an exemplar amongst million.

Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj,Principal

Message from Principal

Education, culture, Literature and character are existence of any nation .The traditional glory and imitation of pious personalities that enlight a new energy. These are the honourable traits of India that guided the whole world. Having the thinking of welfare and equality it announced the slogan “Vashudhav kutumbkam.” Due to the attraction of modernity and western culture we are forgetting our duties, our nation character &national responsibility which are fading day by day. In this environment Blooming Buds Academy, Khalilabad, Sant Kabir Nagar is not only a Centre of learning but also it shapes the personality of the youths for their bright future. The success of this efforts depend on the steps of our school teacher tri to encourage children to reflect on their and to pursue imaginative activities and question .School is aimed for providing a quality in the field of education at different levels from Nursery to XII standard We have adopted C.B.S.E.pattern in order to meet the problem the youth of Sant Kabir Nagar Thus they could join to national stream of education through the school. The school is owned and managed by the governing body of registered society “Prabha Sewa Samiti” which delegates the running of the school to the managing Committee. Our institution is dedicated to provide innovative education to the youths.

I am thankful to our Guardians, well-wishers and intellectual personalities who boot our morality, inspire us to set a standard in the field of education